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the power of colour - Why is it so important?

Blue - Honesty, peace, tranquility, loyalty, trust, confidence.

Brown - Solid, reliable Gray - Neutrality, stability, and wisdom.

Green - Growth, money, nature, health, wisdom, calm Orange - Warmth, luxury, enthusiasm, vibrant and expansive.

Purple - Beauty, luxury, wealth, mystery, royalty, and spirituality. Justice and truth.

Red - Heat, energy, power and passion. Danger, fire, speed, competition, aggression.

White - Purity, simplicity, innocence, peace. In some cultures: death - know your market.

Yellow - Warm, fun, free, intellect, faith, friendship. optimism, happiness, idealism, imagination.


Research reveals people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on colour alone.Source: CCICOLOR - Institute for Color Research.
SURPRISE - It's not about what you like!
It comes as a surprise to many business owners that their likes and dislikes have nothing to do with an effective reach. You may love the colour red but you're a bookkeeper. Connection? Red in finance is a sign of trouble. ie: Red lined, in the red. Restaurants use reds and oranges as studies indicate that those colours stimulate the appetite whereas blue supposedly suppresses it.

Colour: Non-Verbal Communication
As a non-verbal form of communicating to your audience, this makes choosing colours for your BRAND all the more important. What message and tone do you want to set for your business? These colours (your brand colours) will be used in everything; your logo, business cards, advertising, signage, and your website. What best suits your business tone and what appeals to you audience?

Choosing the right colour:
Results by Design will work with you to explore and choose colours that will best represent your business and the perception that will be communicated by that colour to your market. Sophisticated purple, playful orange, or conservative navy blue. Combine your chosen colour with the right typography, you create something unique and identifiable as your own.

Cool colours: Violets and blues are passive, calming and elicit trust. Green is either warm or cool depending on use of yellow or blue.
Warm colours: Reds, orange and yellow
translates into excitement, can be stimulating and creative.


Depending on what you want done. Do you want creative design? Content? Marketing Message?

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It's your menu - Ordering Hamburger or T-bone? Fast Food or Great Dining?

Your choice - your budget - your results.


One off or a package of services: you receive a full Design Brief that we both sign off on, complete with estimates, descriptions, ideas etc. You are never alone - I offer Full Service Marketing right down to print and delivery of a product or will liaison with your creative partners on your behalf.

WEBSITES: Do I Need a WEBSITE if I have Facebook?

YES! YES! YES! Integrated marketing is what drives business. Social Media is an excellent tool but you should use that tool to drive traffic to your WEBSITE and vice versa. That is the investment that will capture leads and where critical information is always available and easy to find. Facebook feeds and continuous policy changes make it a cumbersome way to find information, your website is REAL TIME and you can create a Call To Action that YOU control and monitor! Websites, blogs, social media, print materials should all refer back to each other. I can help. Contact me today and let's talk!