Don't be shy: tell them what you want them to do! Don't let your customer guess what you want them to do. Have a clear call to action, deadline, incentive or other motivator. To effectively build your brand and reinforce your recognition within the mind of your customer, ensure all of your platforms online and offline, have a consistent  look and more importantly a consistent message.Contact Results by DesignINK now and get started today!

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Be a good egg: Today's smart business person knows that the best investment is not to put all your eggs in one basket. Your website is key. This is the one place you can control your message and how you deliver it. Drive people to your website in everything you do and then let the website navigate them back to where you want them to go. Everything ties in to everything else. Your business card and printed materials can utilize QR CODES to send people to your website, your website to your blog/social media and vice versa. Reach potential customers in the platform they are using.


Integrated Marketing Solutions

why is it so important today?

If you want to get their attention you have to be in the same place they are: People are so very busy today that you want to be wherever your prospective client will see you, ON THEIR TERMS. In print, online, social media, websites they ALL have a purpose and when you tie them all in  together, you have a strategy!

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Currently on assignment.  Working with current clients. New clients WELCOME by consultation/agreement to participate to ensure your project is on-time and on-budget.

YOU HAVE OPTIONS:  Specializing in designing great and interactive websites using GODADDY's WEB BUILDER. Once the design is completed you can make your own updates or sign up for my maintenance plan.

There is an annual renewal rate for the WEBUILDER or lock-in for multiple years for more savings.

Simple. Safe. Secure. MOBILE friendly sites.

NOTE: We also develop complex/ sophisticated sites/ customized content management and can RETROFIT any current site.

Before getting started KNOW what it is you want your website to do  for you!

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