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TERMS And CONDITIONS FOR Website Design and Development

Design and Development Time Lines:

After our initial consultation you will receive a detailed Design Brief outlining the fundamentals of the project.

This will ensure your expectations and our expectations are clearly understood and there are no surprises.

We strive to continue to provide our services with a fairly speedy turn-around, however with ebbs and flow due to the nature of our business, your project may not begin immediately. To be fair all projects scheduled are based on first come which is why we encourage you to be prepared with what kind of site you want and what you want it to do for you and a general idea of the market you are looking to attract and engage.

Negotiations: Consultation, Quote

PHASE 1: Agreement, 50% Retainer Paid.

Any Images, photos and logos if applicable should be provided (preferred digital ) email or USB.

Also an outline of the content you would like to see. We can take care of the finesse.

PHASE 2. Schedule is 3-4 weeks tentative depending on client participation.

PDF Design Layouts started with drafts to client for review 1-2 weeks.

Client turn-around within 1 week of receipt of drafts.

Any major reworks must be discussed at this time.

The faster we receive your edits or approval determines whether we stay on our targeted turnaround.

The turnaround time stated in our Brief may change according to how quickly the design/approval phase is.

*Once approvals to the PDF layouts are received you will be invoiced for the 2nd installment.

PLEASE NOTE: Any layouts sent for approval have a shelf date of 30 days after which the contract becomes stale dated. You will receive a reminder email with layouts attached again 15 days after 1st files sent. There is no refund, this Phase requires much dedicated creative time and effort while other projects are queued, therefore the retainer deposit will be considered payment in full for services rendered, any files will be forwarded to you for future use. We may agree to put a hold on the project for extenuating circumstance, based on a per client basis.

Your website will be developed and the layouts followed as closely as possible to the approved layout. .Any small changes and editing will be accommodated but once this phase is started any major reworks or additional pages, tools etc required will be subject to a separate estimate and additional charges invoiced. 

PHASE 4: Final Approval

Review and Approve online version before going LIVE.

Once you have agreed that everything is good to go we will lanch your site "live".

*Final Installment is now due.

Should anything be out of order or missed from the original approved layouts, within thirty (30) days after project is closed, we will fix it at no expense to you.

MAINTENANCE: Depending on the agreement.

DIY Sites - after the site is up and running there will be a one hour educational session with a session handbook included.

HTML/CSS Sites - For those of you who do not wish to be tied down with maintaining updates, changes to your site, Maintenance Packages are available and billed in increments of 15 minutes for your convenience.

Please ask us for details.


We know how important privacy is to your business so rest assured that any and all information, files or assets you send us, or use in this project will remain confidential.

Pricing is based on design and development for a 1024x768 desktop resolution.

Your site can have a MOBILE version created and is available at an additional cost.

PHASE 1 - 50% Retainer Invoice due upon agreement

2. 25% 2nd installment
Upon approval of PDF Layouts

3. 25% Final Installment
When the website is approved and launched.


For your convenience we accept Bank Etransfers or cheque

(Please do not mail cheques - arrangements can be made to drop off at the results by Design

office at Mono Plaza. 633419 Hwy 10N Mono)

  All pricing is subject to 13% HST

DISCLAIMER: Please read and understand these Terms and Conditions.

Once retainer has been paid it is understood that you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions

and this disclaimer. Brenda Winter, AND ASSOCIATES, Results by Design are not responsible for anything beyond the design and development of your website, the above individually or together are not responsible for errors and omissions, including legal or other damages resulting from being on the internet. Should there be an error incurred or disruption as a direct result of any Maintenance  performed by us we will happily fix as quickly as possible with no expense to you, once you have notified us of a problem.


GODADDY and other template Do It Yourself sites: these are wonderful sites when designed profesionally, less expensive and for those that want an intuitive and easy site to manage. Please be aware that these sites use proprietary software that runs on their OWN servers. This means you will be with them for the life of your website. Perform regular backups.

Custom design CSS/HTML SItes: We create custom webpages based on code so it is more expensive, howeveryou have the option of moving your pages to any hosting company of your choice. With knowledge of HTML you can even make simple changes and update your pages with FTP. This is recommended for advanced users only. Consider securing a maintenance package with us. It includes an archive of your site with the last changes we made. That way if there is a problem with your hosting or you lose your pages, we can have you up and running in no time. NOTE: As an additional convenience of both worlds, we have recently developed our own content management system that is an easy interface designed so that you can make updates on your own.

RENEW RENEW RENEW: Further you the client understand that you are responsible for renewing and payment of your yearly Domain and Hosting services and understand that failure to do so may result in you losing your domain name and any web files

attached to that domain (this has nothing to do with us and is a standard practice). 

SECURITY: If you already have a web host and domain we will require userid and password for the duration of the project only. Once the site is launched and final payment paid please CHANGE your access passwords. Please ensure you are authorized to use any and all logos and/or trademarks and the use of any images are done so with legal permission.

end of terms and conditions.